Summer of 42


“Here’s to alcohol, the rose-coloured glasses of life.” – Scott Fitzgerald

Fast forward and we are living an age where non-alcoholic drinks might be considered by many to be the glasses of life. In a nod to drinking in moderation, Black Pineapple has teamed up with the leading alcohol-free spirit company, Seedlip, for a new kind of cocktail hour at home, developing lower and non-alcoholic options with all the taste and fun, but no hangover. Here’s a sample recipe to try yourself. Of course, if you want more punch, you could add your favourite gin, vodka or white rum.




60ml pineapple/mango cordial
45ml Seedlip Grove 42
10ml passionfruit syrup
2 drops Foamee


  1. For the cordial, infuse a loose-leaf mango fruit tea with real dried mango fruit.
  2. After about 6 hours of infusion time, strain off the tea and add a blend of different acids. Think fruit juice – such as citrus, apples, and grapes.
  3. Add Seedlip x Black Pineapple ‘Pineapple Oleo Saccharum’, made with the discarded skins and cores of pineapples, to the mango tea.
  4. Garnish with passionfruit syrup and Foamee and enjoy!

Thanks to Seedlip x Black Pineapple mindful mocktails. Visit the website



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