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Pamper your smile: Christchurch Boutique Dental

Does having an enjoyable experience at the dentist seem like an alien concept? Too many of us are still likely to be apprehensive about our visits to the dentist, but one Christchurch practice aims to make that fear a thing of the past.



You can’t help but relax the moment you walk through the door at Christchurch Boutique Dental. The reception area is light, bright and comfortable with couches and easy chairs. It’s an atmosphere more like a spa or a hotel than a dental practice. “We want our patients to feel pampered and to look forward to their dental visits,” says dental surgeon Dr David Kao.

The pampering extends to the clinical expertise offered by the practice. Dr Kao has dedicated his clinic to making high-end dentistry affordable. He has a passion for the precision of microscope-enhanced treatments that are minimally invasive for the patient and that deliver the best possible results. “Using an operating microscope allows dentistry to be performed on a level that was previously unheard of.”

Christchurch Boutique Dental is one of a kind in other ways too. It is the only practice in the country that offers not only general dentistry, but the full range of advanced dentistry specialities as well – orthodontics, complex root canals, surgical wisdom tooth extraction, implants and gum grafts. “We go the extra mile to ensure our treatments are tailored to our patients’ needs and that our care changes their lives.”

Find Christchurch Boutique Dental at 105 Wainui Street, Riccarton. Phone 03 925 9929 or email




Improving denture comfort: Merivale Denture Clinic

Are you happy with your smile? Can you eat what you like? Are your dentures comfortable? At Merivale Denture Clinic they see denture wearers every day who are experiencing difficulty in carrying out normal functional activities. This may be due to a number of factors, one of which is the ability to control the dentures effectively while eating and speaking.



All this can not only undermine a person’s self-confidence in interacting socially, but it can also have repercussions for health and mental wellbeing. The good news is that by using the latest technology in materials and technique, comfortable fit, function and aesthetic appearance can be drastically improved with dentures at Merivale Denture Clinic.

If you are having problems with your existing dentures, make a time to talk to Thomas Gu, the senior clinician at Merivale Denture Clinic. You can be assured Tom will take the time to listen and endeavour to understand your needs. “For me, spending a good amount of time with each patient before starting the treatment is crucial,” Thomas says.

“This allows me to make a thorough and comprehensive diagnosis to identify the needs and requirements necessary to produce the highest quality dentures. Dentures should be designed to the specific conditions of each patient’s mouth to adequately restore essential functions such as speech and the ability to eat and smile, which a lot of us take for granted.”

Watching patients’ self-confidence return and their quality of life improve is immensely satisfying for Thomas and his team.

To book a complimentary, obligation-free consultation, phone 03 355 4704.



Smile with Confidence: Merivale Denture Clinic

Good quality dentures play a significant role in each individual’s physical and psychological health. Poor aesthetics and ill-functioning dentures can lead to poor diet and low self-esteem which can affect the most basic and essential activities in our daily lives from eating to socialising. If these problems go unaddressed, it can cause constant stress on a daily basis which may even lead to depression, as found in many international studies.



It is paramount to have good, comfortable and well-functioning dentures to eat well especially for the elderly, who are at higher risk of age-related health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, heart troubles, high blood pressure and cholesterol issues. A well-balanced nutritional diet to manage these conditions in-conjunction with the medications is important.

Good aesthetics in dentures are also essential, as it contributes significantly to individuals’ confidence and psychological wellbeing. Scientific studies suggest that only a second is all it takes to start determining someone’s first impression visually, like attractiveness and character, where facial appearance plays a powerful role in how we perceive and treat each other, hence resulting in our efforts to maintain our aesthetic standards.

Dentures, especially with full plates, not only restore your missing teeth but also support and plump up a big portion of the facial features like the areas around your lips, cheeks and the lower jaw, which determines the profile of half your face. With the right expertise, customised dentures can greatly enhance your appearance and function by providing adequate support to help restore the youthful look back into your smile.

At Merivale Denture Clinic, Thomas’s specialised expertise, skills and friendly down-to-earth manner, provides only the finest quality customised dentures to help all those in need to improve their ability to eat, talk and smile with confidence enhancing physical and psychological wellbeing to ultimately improve each individual’s quality of life.



An orthodontic revolution: Ron Sluiter of OrthodontiX on how online dental monitoring is set to change the way you think about orthodontic care

“Online ‘dental monitoring’ will completely change the delivery of orthodontic care,” says Ronald Sluiter of OrthodontiX.


Dental monitoring is app-based artificial intelligence developed in Paris to follow an ortho-dontic treatment intensely and Ronald is pleased to offer it in each of the three Canterbury OrthodontiX clinics.
In his opinion, the sophisticated software will become essential for busy people, or for those who live a distance from their clinic. While a standard two year plus on aligner treatment requires about 25 visits to the orthodontist, dental monitoring can cut those trips down to just 12 or 13.
Currently suited to Invisalign aligners, the technology will be available for use on all the aligning tools. The programme enables a patient to take weekly photographs of their teeth, with and without aligners, using their smartphone, then Ronald receives that scan for analysis at the clinic. A patient from the West Coast is using the technology. “I haven’t seen her in eight weeks, but I have seen her progress every week!”
The app notifies Ronald if the client forgets to take a picture, it checks that the attachments are still in place, that the movement is happening correctly, and identifies when a patient should move to the next aligner.
It costs extra, but Ronald says the benefits far outweigh the cost, reducing logistics and decreasing treatment time because of optimised aligner change. Aligners fit better, making treatment more discrete, patients receive instant feedback and more intensive care through weekly analysis, plus people love to see evidence of how their smile is changing.