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Good quality dentures play a significant role in each individual’s physical and psychological health. Poor aesthetics and ill-functioning dentures can lead to poor diet and low self-esteem which can affect the most basic and essential activities in our daily lives from eating to socialising. If these problems go unaddressed, it can cause constant stress on a daily basis which may even lead to depression, as found in many international studies.



It is paramount to have good, comfortable and well-functioning dentures to eat well especially for the elderly, who are at higher risk of age-related health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, heart troubles, high blood pressure and cholesterol issues. A well-balanced nutritional diet to manage these conditions in-conjunction with the medications is important.

Good aesthetics in dentures are also essential, as it contributes significantly to individuals’ confidence and psychological wellbeing. Scientific studies suggest that only a second is all it takes to start determining someone’s first impression visually, like attractiveness and character, where facial appearance plays a powerful role in how we perceive and treat each other, hence resulting in our efforts to maintain our aesthetic standards.

Dentures, especially with full plates, not only restore your missing teeth but also support and plump up a big portion of the facial features like the areas around your lips, cheeks and the lower jaw, which determines the profile of half your face. With the right expertise, customised dentures can greatly enhance your appearance and function by providing adequate support to help restore the youthful look back into your smile.

At Merivale Denture Clinic, Thomas’s specialised expertise, skills and friendly down-to-earth manner, provides only the finest quality customised dentures to help all those in need to improve their ability to eat, talk and smile with confidence enhancing physical and psychological wellbeing to ultimately improve each individual’s quality of life.


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