A touch of winter luxury: Dreamwool Beds

With wintry weather sweeping through New Zealand and most travel on hold for a while longer, many of us are seeking out the creature comforts of home. There’s no better way to spend the long winter nights than in the incomparable warmth and luxury of a Dreamwool bed.   Filled with generous layers of soft, […]

Better Sleep Solutions: Dreamwool Beds

If you find you’re often waking at night clammy and perspiring in an overheated bed, the cause could be that your mattress is of a synthetic composition.     “We hear many complaints about people having really uncomfortable sleeps with their new mattress,” Dreamwool Beds owner David Henderson says. “Initially it’s good, but two to […]

Four-poster beds

Four-poster beds

The four-poster bed is a relic of the 13th century that found itself out of favour as ceilings dropped, along with housing’s square footage.     However, as we increasingly seek spaces that bring a sense of comfort and safety, it seems the four-poster bed is making a contemporary comeback. Today’s iteration errs on the […]

Sweet Dreams: Dreamwool Beds

As we embrace the warmer weather and dream about the balmy days of summer ahead, the downside of scorching hot days, can be sleepless nights in bed.     Many people can become quite uncomfortable in summer at night as they are too hot in their beds, so they just can’t get to sleep,” says […]

Dreamwool Beds

A site for SLUMBER: Dreamwool Beds

“Sleep that knits up the ravelled sleeve of care,” wrote Shakespeare. He was right. Sleep is a physical necessity allowing both the body and the mind a chance to recover and repair themselves after the stresses of the day so you wake refreshed and recharged. Adequate sleep is just as important for your health as […]