SUP-stream on Otakaro: Airborn Paddling

Joe Jagusch launched Aotearoa’s first through-city paddle float experience on the Avon River/Ōtākaro in October 2020. Since then, Airborn Paddling has been offering a unique perspective of the river and its surroundings.     Joe says watching Ōtākaro’s natural state springing into new life from recent plantings along its banks is inspiring and his dream […]

The Influencers: John Bridgman

We recently completed the first quarter of Christchurch’s biggest jigsaw puzzle, which at first may not seem like a major achievement but it has 43,000 pieces! The façade on Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre is a significant feat of architecture and engineering. Each of the fibre cement tiles is placed individually on a panel in […]