Real lives behind the architecture: Allfrey + South

From the outside, the practice of architecture may seem a little formal. Architect Craig South, of Allfrey + South Architects, says greater openness can change perceptions and promote positive outcomes.     When I first started out in this industry more than 20 years ago, I’m sure I would have thought that creative skills alone […]

Sustainability in architecture: Allfrey + South

With interest growing in sustainable lifestyles, we caught up with architect Craig South of Allfrey + South Architects for his thoughts on the role architecture has to play in the sustainability equation.       Sustainability means different things to different people. As an architect, what does sustainability mean to you? I think we all […]

Opening new doors on city living: Allfrey + South Architects

Buyers seeking a newly built city apartment will find plenty on the market. But what if people want something else, something more connected and affordable? Architect Craig South explores what this ‘something else’ could look like and how it could transform how we live.     I was recently invited to contribute to a New […]

Architectural forum attracts positive response: Allfrey + South Architects

Allfrey + South Architects’ initiative ArchiChat is resonating strongly with people who share their passion for design and the architectural process. As Architect Craig South reports, the latest two-way forum sparked constructive discussion on how people like to live and holiday.     Having launched our ArchiChat Group earlier this year, it is exciting to […]

Bringing People Together to Talk Architecture: Allfrey + South Architects

Allfrey + South Architects opened an exciting conversation on architecture with the wider community earlier this year via its new ArchiChat Group. Architect Craig South explains what the open forum is all about and why it is going from strength to strength.     It has been a privilege for us to open our practice […]

Breaking down myths about architects: Allfrey + South

Misconceptions about architects and how they work can be off-putting for those weighing up whether to use their services. In reality, as architect Craig South observes, there is nothing to fear and much to be gained from engaging a registered professional.     It can be easy to forget that people outside your own profession […]

Designing for Community: Allfrey + South

City housing initiatives that promote a sense of community are sparking growing interest. As architect Craig South explains, such housing developments can take many different forms.     Earlier this year, we launched our ArchiChat Group to provide an informal way for people to meet us and share our love of architecture. It has generated […]

You & Your Architect – A Creative Partnership: Allfrey + South

Every person is unique. As architect Craig South explains, your home should also uniquely reflect who you are and how you want to live.     Big weekend get-togethers or coffee for two on the deck? Enjoy reading in the sun or love to garden? We’re all different; good architecture acknowledges this and is responsive […]

Responding Creatively to Design Guidelines: Allfrey South Architects

Meeting design guidelines for particular sites is a must, but architect Craig South argues there is still plenty of room for creative interpretation.     When making a big investment in a new home, it can be reassuring knowing there are design rules in place to protect that investment. Yet if these rules are followed […]

Allfrey + South Architects

Let’s talk Architecture: Allfrey + South Architects

Architects Cymon Allfrey and Craig South announce a new brand, along with an exciting new group to draw people together with a shared passion for architecture.     It is energising to have started the year with a fresh new brand, Allfrey + South Architects and to reflect on what that represents. The name change […]