You & Your Architect – A Creative Partnership: Allfrey + South

Every person is unique. As architect Craig South explains, your home should also uniquely reflect who you are and how you want to live.



Big weekend get-togethers or coffee for two on the deck? Enjoy reading in the sun or love to garden? We’re all different; good architecture acknowledges this and is responsive to people’s lifestyle choices. We deeply value our clients and recognise that their aspirations are fundamentally important to the whole design process.



Every project starts with an in-depth conversation on their brief, aesthetics and lifestyle. Having that understanding from the outset is vital to achieving the end goal of a truly bespoke home. We approach every new project with creativity, an open mind and a willingness to listen and respond. We appreciate our clients’ commitment and the trust they place in us. In return, we offer a robust process that is collaborative, thorough and responsive.



In our own practice, rather than being defined by a particular style, we prefer to be defined by our client-focused process. In turn, this leads to homes that are uniquely designed for them. We are not known for having a defined brand and that is very much a deliberate choice.



We believe our approach to design is special because it goes deeper than simply asking ‘how many bedrooms’ or ‘what size’. We like to ask the ‘why’ questions and explore what clients are really seeking to achieve to ensure a deeper understanding of what they want out of their new home. We also like to celebrate the uniqueness of every client, creating homes that will fit their aspirations and how they want to live.



Some people worry about prioritising their lifestyle choices in a design, because they think it could adversely affect potential re-sale value. In reality, by creating a home that’s in sync with you and how you live – rather than a home that you think someone else would enjoy – you are more likely to get something truly authentic that others will positively respond to in the future.


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