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Put your best face forward in 2021: Face Value

Many find the annual ritual of resolution setting can turn out to be a yearly disappointment. We begin with best of intentions, but life carries on and we fall back into old ways. It need not be that way with a little forward planning, especially when it comes to your skin.



If you are considering treatments during 2021, then start now with your planning to get your skin in the best health to get the best results from clinic treatments.

Sometimes the difference between success or otherwise when it comes to those resolutions is choosing the right goal and getting expert help to set about achieving it.
Professional advice is essential.

The team at Face Value offers a no obligation consultation for all clients to discuss available treatments, what will work best for you, when best to have treatments and how best to prepare your skin to achieve the best outcomes.

Remember change is a process, and a subtle stepwise approach to cosmetic treatments is often recommended rather than seeking dramatic instant transformation.

Face Value’s Dr Phil Frost finds it is not uncommon for clients to focus on injectable treatments such as dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, without giving attention to the foundations of healthy skin.

Working on the “canvas” and preparing the skin will often lead to better outcomes for cosmetic medicine treatments. A professional skincare range, treatments to work on pigmentation, skin tone and texture be it on a youthful or ageing skin all will contribute to enhancing treatment outcomes and help you look the best you can for 2021.

Still you, just better!
Phone (03) 363 8810 or visit Face Value online to find out more.


Four tools for sorting your finances in 2021

Save more than time with automated money management tools to help you keep on top of your spending and investments. These won’t replace the advice of experts, but can act as helpful tools to level up your finances this year.



Easily track your incomings and outgoings with a free expense tracker mobile app like Money Lover. Categorise your spending into relevant groupings like bills, groceries and petrol, and set limits to get alerts if you come too close to your cap.

The government’s budgeting service is a slick and highly regarded offering of unbiased money management tools and advice. The website offers advice and guidance for everything from daily spending to mortgages, KiwiSaver, investing and retirement planning.

Another free expense tracker, Money Simple is web-based and pulls all your spending information from multiple banks and accounts into customisable categories – giving you oversight of all your expenditure.

New Zealand’s fastest growing investment platform makes investing easy and accessible for those less literate in the world of shares and stocks. Build and track your investment portfolio from the easy-to-use and low-fee online platform.


2021 in colour

Each December, the design world turns its attention to one announcement: The Pantone Colour of the Year. For just the second time in its 22 year history, two colours were selected as the hues which will define the year ahead – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, a vivacious yellow.

Steady any room with a grey palette. Brosa Palermo 3 Seater Sofa in Cloud Grey



Pantone says the colours for 2021 are opposing, yet complimentary – signalling a theme of unity and mutual support which reflects the year which has been, and the one to come.

While grey is solid and dependable, yellow is optimistic and bright.

Together, these colours symbolise comfort, hope and fortitude, and this is Metropol’s take on how you can incorporate the shades (and their meanings) into your abode this year, and beyond.


A pop of optimism. Desino Yellow Dotted Citrus Poster


Comforting greys – in more ways than one. Lujo Large Floor Cushion


Artistic fun brightens any living space. Rotalina Eden Floor Lamp in Sunflower Yellow


Resene Quarter Scarpa Flow


Faux florals don’t dim. Adairs Mimosa Stem


Sturdy and stable. Satara Australia Bailey Chair in Steel Grey


Love and peace. Yellow Peace Candle Hand


Serving up strength. Citta
Milu Serving Bowl


Glass always half full. Veneziano Tumbler in Amber.


Vanessa Nouwens’ Yellow Front Door in Resene Turbo.


2021 in colour

Colour has long upheld the ability to soothe, to comfort, to uplift and even to enliven, making its use in the home critical to the psychology of a space. As we prepare to wave goodbye to 2020 and welcome in a new year, we look to the colours that we will be embracing in 2021.




We’re all about natural beauty as we optimistically eye-up 2021 and all it has to offer for the home. With a collective longing for earthly connection stemming from increasing technology use, we can expect to see plenty of natural tones within the home, from soft, earthy neutrals and muted greens to gentle mauve-greys. Top picks include turmeric, terracotta, and touches of tan and ochre.

Linen House round tassel cushion


Adairs cord cushion

Beige and taupe are quickly becoming the new go-to neutrals for 2021, as we crave the comfort of chocolate. Offering the ultimate escapism, there’s little to frown about when it comes to brown. From beige and burnt umber to chestnut and cocoa, this composite colour was a favoured colour choice in the ‘70s and it has stood its ground.

The Montauk Lighting Co ceramic lamp


Linen House floral cushion

It’s not surprising green is the colour most closely associated with envy, because when it comes to the colours of 2021, the green-eyed monster in us is running rampant. With a general shift towards sustainability, plant-based materials, healthy homes and conscious consumerism, any shade of green goes, but expect to see plenty of soft, neutral grey-greens such as sage and olive.

Mustard Made side table


Fenton and Fenton Side Table

If you’re all about the bold and the beautiful, never fear! It’s not all greyed out, muted tones in 2021. The colour experts are clear… no hue expresses hope and reassurance more than yellow. It is, after all, the colour of sunshine, sunflowers and happiness and is an easy way to bring fun and energy to enliven and invigorate your space.