Four tools for sorting your finances in 2021

Save more than time with automated money management tools to help you keep on top of your spending and investments. These won’t replace the advice of experts, but can act as helpful tools to level up your finances this year.



Easily track your incomings and outgoings with a free expense tracker mobile app like Money Lover. Categorise your spending into relevant groupings like bills, groceries and petrol, and set limits to get alerts if you come too close to your cap.

The government’s budgeting service is a slick and highly regarded offering of unbiased money management tools and advice. The website offers advice and guidance for everything from daily spending to mortgages, KiwiSaver, investing and retirement planning.

Another free expense tracker, Money Simple is web-based and pulls all your spending information from multiple banks and accounts into customisable categories – giving you oversight of all your expenditure.

New Zealand’s fastest growing investment platform makes investing easy and accessible for those less literate in the world of shares and stocks. Build and track your investment portfolio from the easy-to-use and low-fee online platform.


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