Superb food, caring staff: Fisherman’s Wharf

Every successful business owner knows that their staff are their greatest asset.

This is certainly the case for PJ Gemmell, owner of Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant in Lyttleton. “We have a great team here, says PJ,” “from all the staff in the kitchen to the front-of-house staff serving the customers.”

Central to this business is head chef Kelly Te Mete. “Kelly has been in the industry for 17 years in Canterbury. She is very well-respected and recognised for her flair and magic touch with the fresh and seasonal ingredients that we source, especially the seafood. She has been with us at Fisherman’s Wharf for four years and her creativity with all our dishes, from entrees through to desserts, is a joy to see. She really knows food to perfection and brings out the best in all the others in her kitchen team.”

Superb food alone however, does not make a successful restaurant. Attentive, friendly service is also essential. “Our restaurant manager Grace Clark has been with us for six years. She was very young for the role when she started, but she quickly proved she has amazing people skills. I have no hesitation in saying she is the best restaurant manager I have worked with.”

Add into the mix with the food and the service, the atmosphere, ambiance and location of Fisherman’s Wharf and all-in-all it is a winning combination.

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