Hot nights ahead

It’s time to stow away the electric blanket and fold up those cosy flannel sheets, we’re heading towards warmer nights.

J ust as your wardrobe undergoes a transition towards cheerful, sunny colours during this season, your bedding should follow suit.

Enter the coverlet, the secret weapon in the realm of lightweight summer bedding. This versatile bedding layer strikes the balance between the snug embrace of a quilt and the need for a refreshing night’s sleep. Pair your coverlet with sheet sets made from fabrics like linen or bamboo. This combination ensures that you remain cool, comfortable, and blissfully free from night sweats. The beauty of the coverlet lies in its year-round functionality, doubling as an elegant extra layer during the winter months.

To elevate your sleeping experience even further, think about adding a gel-filled cooling mat to your pillow. This slim, ingenious mat harbours the same squishy gel that you find in reusable ice packs and fits seamlessly atop a standard pillow. You’ll hardly feel it. For an additional touch, chill the mat in the fridge or freezer just before bedtime.

Alternatively, use what you’ll likely already have, a hot water bottle. Instead of filling it with hot water, fill it with chilled water and put in your bed to keep your feet or the back of your knees cool.

An extra tip is to make sure your curtains are drawn during the day, especially if you have windows near your bed, so it doesn’t heat it up too much for sleep time.
By using these tips, you’ll have better sleep, even during the warmest of months.



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