Stylish, secure, and significantly better: NH Design and Project Management

Building new, or retrofitting doors and windows, colour, style and components all need to be considered.

While they offer a view inside or out, many doors and windows also add to a building’s ambience and aesthetic.

Double glazing is mandatory in New Zealand new-builds, however European standards call for triple glazing, which ensures even better thermal and acoustic performance, as a growing number of New Zealanders are finding out.

International company NH Windows & Doors is bringing the benefits of triple glazing to Kiwi homes with their range of precisely engineered, highly secure, and energy-efficient timber and timber/aluminium-clad windows and doors. They require minimal maintenance and have a long lifespan.

Architectural designer Fabian Schneider says his team provides both traditional and customised designs, all of them featuring inward openings that are popular and commonly used across Continental Europe.

Wood is a preferred choice for many, however, an increasing number of people are also having timber/aluminium doors and windows installed. “The external aluminium cladding on our Euro78’ALU timber window greatly improves the lifespan of the product and reduces maintenance costs,” explains Fabian. “It is perfect for more contemporary styled developments, offering the natural warmth of timber internally, combined with the durability of aluminium externally.” The triple-glazed windows are argon filled, and significantly better in comparison to standard double-glazed windows. Cost-effectively, they‘re only 10% more than double-glazed options.

An added bonus is that the external aluminium can be powder coated to match any colour, be it Colorsteel, Resene, Dulux etc, while the engineered timber can be stained or painted. Soundproofing, security, and natural ventilation benefits add to the value of the doors and windows, even with the tilt window options. “The glass cannot be removed from the outside, while interior beading improves security,” says Fabian.

Especially suitable for high performance or passive houses, the doors and windows come with fantastic acoustic benefits. “This makes them especially suitable for houses close to busy roads or other high noise generating objects,” says Fabian.

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