Decorating with neutrals

Paring back colour schemes and using muted tones to create beautiful interior spaces is an art.


While using neutrals is a versatile, and timeless, choice, creating calming interior schemes isn’t just throwing a few creams, whites, greys and fawns together.

The neutral palette includes an array of off-whites and earthy beige and clay tones, through to deep browns and charcoals, providing scope to create a layered look for every room. Nature’s colours, such as beige, clay, and all shades of green have become increasingly popular during the last few years.

Channelling the great outdoors indoors means using shades inspired by nature, and creatively layering texture, tone and furnishings to achieve the desired effect. Here are some suggestions based on current luxury trends from Caffe Latte in Portugal.

  1. Decorating with beige and warm undertones like clay and taupe will add a comfortable feel to a room, while keeping it bright.


  1. For a calming yet uplifting scheme, consider warmer, earthier neutrals paired with deeper hues to create a contemporary look. Think bare wood finishes, touches of rattan, and unglazed ceramics.


  1. Let there be light. When deciding to work with warm or cool tones, think about the room’s natural and artificial lighting. Warm neutrals with a green or yellow undertone will usually work well in north-facing rooms as they help to bounce the light around. For a cool palette, look for neutrals witha hint of pink, violet or blue.
  1. Use neutrals as a base for bolder accent colours, and use furniture, hardware, and accessories to add contrast. Paint all the walls the same colour for a soft, seamless look, then add the furniture and accessories.


  1. Use texture to create layering and interest. Layering natural materials with amazing texture is one way to achieve a textured look and feel. Think linen wallcoverings, soft floaty curtains, and the like.


  1. Create interest by mixing organic shapes and earthy materials to help bring a connection to nature. Try natural stone, and wood, for example.


  1. Seek help from an interior designer.

Entryway | neutral hallway decor in golden details with Canephora set of mirrors, Nougat console table, wall lamp, and marble floor, Caffe Latte.

Living room | autumn/winter decor in wood and marble finishes with Brutte side table, Evaluna swivel armchair, Robusta wood center table, neutral rug, cosy sofa, and retro pendant lamp, Caffe Latte.



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