Standing out

Bringing the outside in has long been a popular theme in interior decorating. Touted for their health benefits and styling credentials, indoor plants are growing in popularity – pun entirely intended. But in 2019 homewares, it’s the pot plant holders that are standing out, for all the right reasons.




A quick and clever way to make your interior spaces look pulled together, there’s a plant stand to suit every décor style.

They enable you to stagger the heights of your potted perennials, adding drama and dimension to your spaces, and they’re a great way to soften stark corners.

A minimalist black wrought iron stand is a great option for a contemporary space, while timber looks the part in more traditional homes.

Geometric shapes and mid-century design are hotting up our homes, so look for clean lines, tapered legs and scandi-style sustainability. After all, it’s time to bring life into your home – both in the literal and figurative sense.




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