Sparkle season

All that glitters is not gold – but it could well be some embellished holiday beauty. The party season is nothing if not an excuse to have some fun, makeup included. Glitter and sparkles have had a makeup moment in a year that needed some brightening up, so we’ve compiled three ways you can trial the trend this holiday season.


Take a leaf out of London Fashion Week’s book and try some stick-on gems or foil to accompany or replace eye shadow. The March shows saw model after model embellished with the materials. Makeup artist Deja Smith told Bustle gold foil is an emerging trend, and can be achieved with gold leaf purchased from a craft store.

Forget individual flecks of the sparkly stuff and use a glitter gel pencil or shadow to add a literal glint to your eyelids. If statement shades are not for you, more subtle holographic pigments can be found in neutral shades and with lower glitter ratios. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna’s Liquid Diamond Bomb Glitter Highlighter comes highly recommended.

If facial sparkle is a bit too out there, consider an iridescent manicure instead. Adorn your hands with some shimmering lacquer to bring some festive spirit to any outfit. Try a simple clear lacquer with added glitter, or the plethora of coloured options, too. To tone it down even more, add just one glittery feature nail to your DIY or salon set.


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