Sounds good: Soundline Audio

While winter may mean you’re stuck inside, with stretching evenings, there is an upside.

Few experiences match the warmth and comfort of a roaring fire, a plush couch, and streaming your favourite series. If you’re looking to add something special to your mid-winter screenings, Soundline Audio could have the answer: an Immersive Audio system.

Offering an incredible 11 channels of premium audio, this is surround sound taken to the next level, a three-dimensional perspective to audio that would rival your local cinema.

Leading the industry for over four decades, their expert team offer a range of stylish, high-fidelity solutions. They stock only the world’s most trusted and prestigious brands, hi-fi setups and speaker systems that look beautiful and sound exquisite.

Whether you are listening to a favourite album or hosting the family for a home cinema screening, Soundline Audio can turn an evening in your lounge into a truly captivating sonic experience.

Talk to the Soundline team today and pop into their stunning showroom at 329 Madras Street or check out their website.

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