Sit back, relax and read: Piccadilly Books

It is nearly the season for lazy weekends spent outside, reading a good book and soaking up some sunshine. If you are after some new reading inspiration, check out Piccadilly Books online selection or pop into the store and have a browse.


Southern Wanderer
Peter Garden
Our price $60.00

An account of Peter Garden’s life and the journey that led to his becoming a world-renowned helicopter pilot and completing ground-breaking bird rescue projects.

Voices of World War II
Renee Hollis
RRP $69.99
Our price $59.99

A fascinating look into the human side of war through a collection of memories sent in by families across New Zealand.

Rare Whisky: Explore the World’s Most Exquisite Spirits
Patrick Mahe
RRP $100.00
Our price $85.00

A stylish and detailed exploration of the world’s finest and rarest whiskies, beautifully presented in a hardback book with a slipcase.

In the Company of Gardeners
Juliet Nicholas, Sue Allison
Our price $55.00

Featuring magnificent gardens from all around New Zealand, with stories on their origin, inspiration and development, all photographed beautifully.

Clare Reilly: Eye of the Calm
Clare Reilly
RRP $55.00
Our price $49.99

An exploration of New Zealand painter Clare Reilly’s life and work, through a mix of autobiographical writing and her beautiful paintings.

Who Lived There?
Nicola McCloy, Jane King
RRP $45.00
Our price $37.99

Nicola McCloy went looking to find the stories behind the unusual buildings you see around New Zealand and asked the question, who lived there?

Windswept and Interesting
Billy Connolly
RRP $49.99
Our price $39.99

In his first full-length autobiography, international treasure and comedy legend Billy Connolly reveals the truth behind his windswept and interesting life.

Above the Treeline
Alan Mark
Our price $79.99

A guide to the natural world of alpine New Zealand, covering everything from the plant and ferns to the mosses, birds and lizards that occupy these diverse environments.

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