Nothing compares to ewe: Bowron Sheepskins

Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, a luxurious sheepskin is hard to resist. Instantly recognisable, a natural sheepskin has long been a staple in Kiwi homes.

From natural coloured and dyed rugs, and from throws to finely crafted designer rugs, a sheepskin makes a stylish and versatile interior accent that dresses any space.

Operating out of Woolston since 1879, Bowron Sheepskins takes pride in delivering an extensive range of rugs, throws, washable infant car seat and stroller liners, homewares and accessories.

There is something for every home, be it an original sheepskin, or more exotic items, such as the stylish Icelandic Arctic Fleece or decorative Nomad Tibetan Lambskin cushions. Collapse into an enormous Colossus Beanbag and appreciate true luxury; nothing compares to the feeling of natural fibre.

Not limited to interior design, a variety of infant rugs and pram liners are also available. These are durable, cosy and washable, and provide ultimate hygiene protection.  This long-established business truly can be proud of providing generations of families with the enduring, blissful and cosy comfort of quality sheepskins.

Bowron Sheepskins factory shop is open 10am to 3.30pm, Monday to Friday at 2/12 Long Street, Woolston.

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