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It’s coming into winter, so now is the time to start thinking about how you can create a warm and cosy home, without blowing your heating bills.


Armstrong Interiors


Metropol catches up with award-winning interior designer Angelique Armstrong of Armstrong Interiors about the impact of drapes on style and comfort.


How can we dress our windows for winter?
In Christchurch, a large majority of our homes are single glazed and, with 75 percent of our heating believed to be lost through the windows, heavy drapes and good thermal linings are critical.
The most popular options for linings are blackout and thermal backed lining. Blackout prevents light filtering through your windows, great for bedrooms, TV rooms and home theatres.


What are sheers?
Sheers are used to filter the sun out. They are usually pulled during the day and create softness over the windows. This is a great way to add protection to your furniture and floor coverings. Sheers usually have a blackout lining on a second track to pull at night, for more privacy.
This is the most cost effective way of dressing your windows with drapery. Sheers are usually reasonably priced and linings can be colour matched to your sheers.
This is very popular at the moment for new home builds.


What’s the go in trendy drapes?
It’s all about the ‘heading’ and there are plenty of options – boxed, pleated, wave, pinched.
Your interior designer can advise you on the best heading for the fabric pattern and design you have chosen. My personal favourite is the box pleat.


What is puddling?
Puddling is when your curtain length is longer than the finished floor length and the drapes fall on the floor.
This can be a very effective way to display your drape for a dramatic look. Drapes that puddle usually have tie backs accompanying them. Puddling is also used when you are using a natural fibre to allow shrinkage


What about accessories and beading?
Beading and trims can give you that little bit of added detail you may need to finish off your interior space and are great if you want to make a statement or add extra luxury to your interior design.


If you are looking to upgrade your drapes for winter, come in and see us.


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