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With the first signs of snow on the mountains and a distinct freshness to the air at night; it reminds us that autumn is upon us. There are several landscaping jobs to consider when getting your property ready for autumn and beyond.


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Get planting
Did you know autumn is known as nature’s planting time? It is one of the best seasons to plant a garden, as it gives plants a chance to set their roots for spring growth and because soil is naturally cool and retains water.


Turn down the irrigation
With rainfall increasing, the length of time you need to have your irrigation on decreases. Check timers and re-programme where needed. Check spray heads and fix any leaks that have become apparent over summer.


Build a raised vegetable bed
Apart from being an excellent addition to your overall landscape design, there are many reasons to build a raised vegetable bed. Raising soil levels is excellent for improving soil drainage, which will encourage strong and healthy vegetable growth. It will also make access to planting and weeding easier.


Pruning your stone fruit should be a priority in autumn and should be done as soon as harvesting is complete. Hedges and most shrubs will also appreciate a prune before winter. Not sure where to start with pruning? Contact us – our maintenance team is here to help.


It’s important to have a year-round spray programme and autumn is an ideal time to start. After the stress of dry conditions, your plants will be more susceptible to insects, including thrips and mites. Don’t forget about the lawn; weather conditions will also see an increase in red thread and hydrocotyle.


Lay paving or paths
Now is a great time to consider any of those annoying areas that get boggy and unusable in the rainy months. Adding a path or section of paving can be an excellent way to complete an otherwise non-functioning area, adding more living space regardless of the weather.


Oderings Landscaping is just a call away to help you with your autumn projects, whether it’s a new raised vegetable bed or help with pruning and spraying, our friendly team is ready to help, phone 021 913 747 or email  admin@oderingslandscaping.co.nz.


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