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A Luxurious Location: Christchurch BMW

There is a new home of the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’. With the opening of the new showroom at 104 Moorhouse Ave, Christchurch BMW is bringing Canterbury not only a luxurious location to browse dozens of prestigious cars in comfort in light fashionable surroundings, but also a place you can grab a fresh cup of coffee from the barista in the customer coffee lounge and sit down to discuss your requirements on your next purchase with one of the knowledgeable, helpful staff the company is well known for.


 Christchurch BMW


Christchurch BMW understands that purchasing a vehicle involves how a vehicle makes you feel, its quality and a trusting relationship with the people standing behind it, not just as it relates to BMWs, but also its sister brand, MINI.

With the first dedicated MINI showroom in the South Island, 104 Moorhouse Ave is a great location to view your next car. Why would you go outside in the weather when you can view the beauty of an M car in its own designated area?

With the service area located on site and service being their keyword, Christchurch BMW is there to meet and exceed your expectations on purchasing and maintaining your next BMW and/or MINI. The staff know they are selling one of the world’s best driving machines and they are proud of not only the cars, but also the new showroom. So they await your drop-in to share in your next BMW adventure.


Contact them on or call 03 363 7240. BMW is… the ultimate drive.


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