Selling retirement units: RUS Conultancy

Buying or surrendering a retirement unit occupation right differs from the standard house sale or purchase. That’s where Sharon Bennett from RUS Consultancy comes in.

With a law degree and legal executive qualification from the United Kingdom and experience in handling New Zealand retirement village unit settlements, Sharon knows that for a resident, their family, or power of attorney, vacating a retirement village unit can be daunting.

“A solicitor isn’t actually needed for every transaction. I am a more cost-effective alternative for your transfer or surrender, and I can do as much or as little of the work as you require,” says Sharon.

Sharon provides three services, firstly a guidance service where the client handles their own surrender with Sharon’s guidance. The other two services are management services where

Sharon handles the transaction in its entirety on behalf of the client either when they transfer to another unit, or no longer require a retirement unit. Legislation requires a solicitor, explains the legal agreement to purchase, which Sharon arranges at no extra cost. Sharon works with both the solicitor and the village statutory supervisor, to complete the surrender of right to occupy.

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