Restoration Men: D J Morrison

One of the most precious family traditions is that of handing down treasured pieces through the generations, and although the odd chip or scar is also part of its history, what a gift it is to receive that heirloom piece in near mint condition.

Daniel and Dave Morrison


Third generation furniture makers and restorers D J Morrison Ltd understand this better than most, because Dave Morrison and son, Daniel, have had the honour of working on some incredibly beautiful wood pieces in their time – desks, chairs, staircases, bookcases, kitchen benches, bureaus, church pews and memorial plaques, dining room tables, bedroom suites, rocking chairs and rocking horses. In fact, name any wood category and D J Morrison will surely have restored it!

When not bent to the task of lovingly restoring treasured heirlooms, father and son can be found working on commissions for new furniture, utilising native and recycled native timbers, as well as imported timbers.

Commissions for new pieces, whether one-offs or repeat projects, are as equally challenging and rewarding to Dave and Daniel as their restoration work.

D J Morrison also undertakes retro-fitting double glazing on historic wooden framed windows, which, in

a city blessed with a cornucopia of vintage and historic builds, is valuable information indeed. Visit them at 271 Ferry Road, Christchurch, or give them a call on (03) 389 8288.



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