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Approaching life with a back that lets you do what you want, when you want to, is something none of us can take for granted. In fact, up to 80 percent of us will suffer from back pain at some points and it affects not just mobility, but also mood.


Muscle People Physiotherapist Diana Chen demonstrates some of the Dynamic Spines exercises


Luckily, the team at Muscle People understands how core strength is a foundation stone of fitness without injury and a pain-free back. To strengthen the core which, in turn, supports the strength and healing of the spine, the team of physiotherapists at Muscle People has developed a programme of therapeutic exercise classes called Dynamic Spines.

The classes are available at both the Hereford Street and Bishopdale clinics. Each course consists of eight one-hour sessions, including exercises to take home and complete to get the most out of the programme. As well as the medical and wellbeing benefits there is an enjoyable social aspect to Dynamic Spines. Limited numbers mean you receive higher one-on-one attention from your physiotherapist instructor within each class as you work to your individual diagnosis and ability, but you also get to share the challenges and fun within a group setting.



The Dynamic Spine classes are run at two levels: the first level is about learning to locate and strengthen your core through dynamic and functional exercises, while the second level progresses these skills further. Before enrolling in a Dynamic Spines course, clients are assessed by one of the team to ensure the classes are going to be the best approach for their issues. “Our team wants to know that participants will see real results from the classes, before they make the commitment to the programme,” Laurie Moore, Director and Physiotherapist at Muscle People says.

Each course begins with low impact exercises which gradually build in intensity as participants progress. Classes can include pilatesfocused exercises and working out on the Oov – a fun, odd looking piece of equipment that activates core stabilising muscles while gently extending the spine.



“People enrol in our courses through a number of routes,” Laurie says. “Because Dynamic Spine courses are designed and instructed by physiotherapists, they are available as treatment through the ACC system. We receive referrals from back specialists when clients need to strengthen their core before treatment, or post-surgical clients and, of course, we have private clients who want to address back pain, mobility and reverse a gradual decline in core strength.”

To find out more about Dynamic Spines, phone Muscle People on 0800 027 194.



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