Purple reign

Purple comes in a huge spectrum of hues, and this year is evident in fashion, health and wellness trends.

The colour “Digital lavender” has officially been named by American trend forecasting website WSGN—along with its sister company Coloro—as 2023’s colour of the year, trending big for spring the world over.

Prominent in international fashion collections in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, purple is a versatile, gender-inclusive colour that is easy to style, and has a shade for everyone. As a colour with both warm and cool undertones, it works well with almost any other colour, although especially pops when paired with black, white, or denim blues. Also try it with pink, gray, black, and brown.

Did you know?
Culturally purple is often associated with wealth and royalty. The thinking behind this is that the Phoenician purple dye used historically, was rare and expensive, affordable only to the rich.

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