From ordinary to extraordinary: Holistic Hair

From dandruff to hair loss, we’ve all experienced the occasional scalp or hair woe, including colour fade.

That’s where New Zealand company Holistic Hair is making its mark. Over the last few years, the brand has emerged as a pioneer in harnessing trichology and focusing on the science of the scalp to transform hair health.

The brand recently achieved remarkable success at the 2023 Clean Beauty Awards USA. Their Quinoa Pro NPNF™ Colour Protect Shampoo (bottom right), Essential Scalp Spray, and Scalp Treatment Oil (right) have all taken placings at the Clean Beauty Awards.

Holistic Hair uses sustainable plant-based ingredients to formulate innovative solutions that feel luxurious and work on multiple levels to create healthy, vibrant, lustrous locks.

The award-winning Quinoa Pro NPNF™ Colour Protect Shampoo presents a breakthrough solution. Enriched with the nourishing power of quinoa protein, the shampoo provides a perfect balance between gentle cleansing and colour preservation.

Essential Scalp Spray is a botanical elixir combining the wisdom of ancient herbs with cutting-edge formulation technology.
Meanwhile, their Scalp Treatment Oil has been formulated with nutrient-rich plant oils that deeply nourish the scalp, promoting optimal scalp and hair health and overall well-being.

Nicky James-Baird and Jodene Fendall, owners of Holistic Hair, express their passion for holistic well-being alongside sustainable practices within their business. “Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve healthy and beautiful hair by harmonising nature’s gifts with innovative hair care.”

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