Photos are forever: Maria Buhrkuhl Photography

The move into the digital age has brought with it a multitude of changes.

Technology often simplifies life, photos no longer need to be developed, printed, and placed in a photo album, they’re stored deep in the attic of our devices or on a USB stick.

Somewhere, we lost the feeling of what physical photos can do, memories of love and togetherness that breathe life back into us when we need it most.

Maria Buhrkuhl is on a mission with her photography business to reinstate the psychological and emotion depth physical images provide. “They’re more than just pictures on the wall, or in an album. They’re a sense of place, a sense of connection with others,” she says.

A creative at heart, with a masters in fine arts photography, and years of experience as an arts and photography teacher, Maria decided to pursue her photography business full-time. Inclusive of pre-planning, photography sessions and the design process of a single image artwork or series display to fit every home, Maria brings memories from moment to materiality.

“I class my business as a full service experience,” she says.

Her skill behind the camera and teaching experience creates seamless, flexible and well-managed family, portrait, business and personal branding sessions in her photography studio and outdoor locations. Book your session today.

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