A helping hand: EnableWorks

Job hunting is so challenging, wouldn’t it be nice to have our hand held throughout?

But we’re adults, right? We just need to put on our big girl or boy pants and face down the fiery employment dragon. Actually no. St George is ready on your doorstep offering a great deal more than hand holding when you are in the market for a great job.
At EnableWorks, Career Consultant Kelsey Voisin is keen to help, wherever you are in your career, and with any part of the process of securing work. “Anyone can find themselves needing a job,” says Kelsey, “whether you are a school leaver, re-entering from parental leave, redundant, or returning to work after illness or injury, climbing the ladder or moving internally within your current company, I can help you get to where you want to be.

Kelsey has been working in the careers space for eight years. She has run various ACC programs such as Back to Work and Job Search programmes and has had many years working in the private sector as well with individuals.

Kelsey says her greatest strength is tailoring her services to clients’ individual needs and life stage. “I have assisted every age group seeking full or part time work, and I will help with all or any particular part of the job seeking process,” she says, “I can be there with you through an application process, work on your C.V. and cover letter and seek feedback on those, optimise your LinkedIn profile, work with you in preparation for employment, or prepare you to the point where you can be autonomous in your search.

“The role of a Career Consultant is varied but the goal is always the same – to help people and give them the tools they need to succeed,” says Kelsey, “I use my knowledge of the labour market, trends, and personal marketing to support you to go to where you want to be in the world of work.”

Kelsey says anytime is a good time to come in and see her, whether you need a job immediately or are planning a return to work in a few months. Solutions focussed, Kelsey works collaboratively with clients on their goals, and helps them to define goals if they are feeling stuck. “I believe every person has something special they bring to the table. The biggest hurdle can be discovering which direction an individual wants to move in and where to start – and that is what I am here for.”


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