Penguins making memories: Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony

If you’ve ever wanted to captivate your child’s imagination and inspire them to pursue wildlife conservation, make the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony your next family adventure.



You and your family can observe blue penguins in a specially designed viewing room which house ten nesting boxes. In between penguin viewings, you’ll learn about the blue penguin and the monitoring, research, and rehabilitation programmes conducted at the facility.

Nocturnally active on land, you can watch rafts of blue penguins come ashore after booking an evening viewing for you and the family.

Although your child will learn about the smallest species of penguin, your child will also broaden their horizon and consider life unlike their own. Your visit also funds the various programmes which take place at the facility.

For more information on viewing packages visit To request a same-day booking or a ‘penguin forecast’, phone 03 433 1195.


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