Paving the way: Brymac Tiles

With the shortest day behind us, we start the countdown to summer. It’s chilly now, however the eternal wheel of the seasons will soon return us to alfresco living.

Whether you hail from the “bring it on” generation, or are more likely to say “I’m here for it”, you’ll want to push play on that very first nor’wester evening. We have long been in love with porcelain tiles indoors, and now these beauties can enhance any outdoor area as well. Any patios or pool surrounds that are in line for an update can’t do better than 2cm porcelain pavers.

“These are a stylish, technological advance on traditional concrete pavers,” says James Thomson of Brymac Tiles. “They are anti-slip, waterproof, and resistant to stains, salt, frost, and temperature changes. They resist mould and chemicals, are impervious to weathering, and remain colourfast. They have a high tensile strength and can be simply installed over crusher dust.”

The glazed pavers are available in a range of natural tones and stone look finishes. “We have them in 600x600x20mm, and can order from overseas in incredible sizes of 600x1200x20 or 900x900x20,” says James. “They are easily water blasted, no sealing required, and we can source nosing tile options as well. Perfect for around your fibreglass pool.”

The team is so excited about its porcelain pavers that a 15% discount applies with a copy of this Metropol editorial.

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