Eyebrows number one: Angela Millar

Recent studies on facial recognition and attractiveness confirm eyebrows are the most important facial feature.

They are what frame the face. If the 1970s taught us anything, it was that overly plucked eyebrows did nobody any favours. Angela Millar has thirty years of experience within the beauty industry, with the last eight years specialising in cosmetic tattooing.

“I have worked on thousands of brows and I am used to dealing with all skin types and skin conditions.” Angela undertakes numerous advanced workshops with international trainers, and travels overseas annually, if possible, for conferences to keep updated with the latest technologies, equipment, and products.

Being part of the KM Surgical and Dermatology specialist medical facility enables Angela to discuss any concerns she might have with dermatologist colleagues. “Working out of a medical site ensures the highest standards of hygiene, as well as the highest quality of medical grade products and equipment.”

Angela’s pre-procedure consultations with clients are thorough. “While being mindful of each client’s unique face and eyebrow shape, we also discuss their requirements. Some like natural brows, while others prefer a defined made-up look.”

For long-lasting brows that frame your face to perfection, book a consultation with Angela.


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