Office nooks & crannies

Working from home often means having a specific space to call an office, rather than cluttering up the kitchen table.


Oz Design Kortina desk


Home offices can be large or small, a whole room or just a corner.

Axolight Float table lamp.

Creating a home office may be as simple as putting a table or desk and chair in a set area of a guest room, the living room or even the kitchen.

Daisy May Albany lamp.

For instance, many contemporary kitchens are designed with computer nooks or cupboards which work well as a compact office for adults and teenagers alike.

Brosa Monterey Hamptons-style desk.

Here are some recommendations from Metropol to get you started.


Brosa Greta desk.


Oz Design Victoria chair.


Brosa Hollywood glamour chair.


James Lane Tulum rattan desk.


Brosa Frank study desk.


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