Neck self-massage workshop: The Stretching Sloth

Does your body feel a bit stiff in the mornings – cracking and clicking your way to the coffee machine?

Have you considered learning how to stretch and massage your joints before getting out of bed?

The Stretching Sloth’s ultimate goal is to eliminate the grumpiness of the world caused by a pain in the neck. They offer a mental and physical health maintenance programme that is designed to be included in your daily routine to assist with aches, pains, and stiffness.
One part of the programme is an online video and another is a two-day workshop. The full body stretching routine, which can be downloaded and watched from any device, is designed to get you moving more freely in the mornings. The easy-to-follow instructions cater to all levels of fitness, and you’re encouraged to do the routine in the comfort of your own bed, sloth style.

The workshop is aimed towards those suffering from chronic headaches and neck stiffness. You’ll create your own model spine to learn how to safely massage your neck and shoulders to alleviate tension headaches and the feeling of neck stiffness caused by muscles.
You can join the workshop on the 7 and 8 October by booking online at their website. The workshop is only $150 and includes the best self-massage tool ever invented.

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