Naturally beautiful: Natural Zest Skincare

Most of us would love to tread more lightly on this earth, reduce waste and pesticide use while supporting local, ethically sourced and organic products, but time is the great limiter – time to shop around, time to research, time to experiment.



When it comes to choosing skincare, Christchurch local Amanda Grindrod makes it easy. Her online range – Natural Zest Skincare – is all natural, made in accordance with cosmetic regulations following ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’. Made from organic ingredients where possible, they are sustainably and ethically sourced and cruelty free, and the packaging (apart from lids) is recyclable and glass, rather than plastic.

There are five moisturisers, a revitalising facial oil that improves elasticity, a foaming cleanser, a toner, and a facial scrub is in the making. The products are affordably priced and handmade in small batches. Unlike in most products the first ingredient is not water but flower water – the end product of the distillation of making essential oils, meaning that 100 percent of each product is therapeutically beneficial.

The scent of the natural oils used, such as manuka, sweet orange blossom and ylang ylang, have proved irresistible, and “positive feedback about the brand through word of mouth from existing customers has created steady growth for the business,” Amanda says. A practicing nurse with Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Organic Skincare Formulation, and working towards a Certificate in Herbal Medicine, Amanda loves the process, “starting from the beginning with the basics, to create something beautiful, natural and beneficial”.

Spend $80 or more in June and receive a free travel-sized moisturiser. Visit to contact Amanda for guidance on the products best suited to your skin.


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