Mustang E-grunt

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is probably the most divisive product Ford has unearthed on buyers in decades. Ben Selby reports.

Some accuse Ford of selling out by putting the Mustang badge on an all-electric SUV. Others say it’s a bold step towards a more “eco-conscious” future for the blue oval’s mainstream models.

The range consists of three spec levels with the entry point Mach-E RWD starting at $79,990 driveaway, making it eligible for the full Government Clean Car Rebate. The mid range Mach-E AWD, my test car, sits at $109,990 and the flagship Mach-E GT AWD is $129,990. The AWD gets an extended battery pack over the RWD which is rated at 98.7kW. Electric motors power both ends, and this means the AWD produces 258kW/560Nm.

Electric range is a claimed 550km and it allows for up to 150kW fast charging, giving you 107km of range in a mere 10 minutes.
On the subject of looks, there are tell-tale Mustang design cues, such as the LED taillight cluster, galloping Mustang emblem (naturally), and a swooping rear roofline. While I wouldn’t regard it as a masterpiece, the Mach-E is certainly striking and turns heads, especially in this shade of Cyber Orange.


Enter the Mach-E by way of the E-Latch door system. Simply press the illuminated door button and hey presto, you are in. The interior is one of solid simplicity. Dominating the centre console is the large 15.5-inch colour touchscreen infotainment system. It’s a very intuitive system and allows to cycle through multiple menu screens with ease.

Standard kit includes 18-inch alloys, heated steering wheel, heated leather seats which happen to be both comfortable and supportive, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, sat nav and a whole host of smart safety features including a very sharp looking 360-degree rear camera. Interior space isn’t too bad either.

The Mach-E has three drive modes, Whisper, Active and Untamed. All of which are tailored to suit your driving style. I spent most of my time sauntering about in Active which provides good levels of regenerative braking. You also have the option of switching on Ford’s “propulsion sound” which instigates a Star Trek-like murmur playing through the Bang & Olufsen audio system.

Around town the Mach-E is a very supple and while the ride isn’t super soft, the underpinnings make dicing through urban traffic rather entertaining. The entertainment aspect increases considerably when intimating Untamed mode. With everything sharpened up and hunkered down, those after an exuberant drive will find plenty to love about the Mach-E. It’s a hard charger and can cover as much ground as briskly as, wait for it, its V8 forebears.

All in all, the Mustang Mach-E, contrary to what I was expecting from the outset, is a fun, practical and very capable performance EV. Basically, don’t downplay this pony till you’ve had a ride.

2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E AWD

Price: $109,990

Drivetrain: Dual Electric MotorAWD

Range: 550km (WTLP)

Power: 258kW

Torque: 560Nm

Zero to 100km/h: 5.1 seconds

Boot Space: 519L Rear/100L Front

Weight: 2182kg

Wheels: 18-inch Alloys

Battery: 98.7kW

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