Boost your collagen: Milla Collagen

In an era where self-care and well-being has taken centre stage, the pursuit of healthy aging has never been more important.

As our body’s natural production declines through aging, collagen has emerged as a crucial supplement in the quest for inner health.

Enter Milla Collagen, a New Zealand-owned brand that’s just turned four.

Founded in 2019 by Anna and Michael, the company launched with a refreshing approach to supplements by prioritising function over flavour, packaged in a
sustainable way.

Derived from sustainably sourced marine collagen, its range of powdered products employ natural ingredients, thoughtfully selected for their proven benefits.

Milla’s commitment to sustainability shines through their packaging choices, which has consistently remained plastic free.

Once you’ve found your favourite, filled into a beautiful glass jar with
gold spoon no less, repurchase any product in home-compostable paper bags, made locally.

Whether it’s in your morning coffee, smoothie or even your water bottle to work, the marine collagen range effortlessly dissolves in anything hot or cold.
Being both dairy and gluten-free means there’s something for everyone.

In a market often saturated with fleeting trends, Milla Collagen shines as a Kiwi brand committed to making products that are good to you, and others.

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