Leather luxuries

Leather is potentially one of the most cherished textiles in the fashion industry. By Nina Tucker.

Durable, water-resistant, and authentic, leather is desired the world over. Then, there is the cult status that comes with a luxury leather bag. It becomes the hero in a look. Leather is the statement that brings some edge, coolness, and style. Plus, a buttery-soft, high-quality leather garment is unmatched in terms of the feel and flair it gives you.

From the classic leather jacket to the ultra-cool trench coat offerings, and then skirts, trousers, accessories, and shoes, there are so many ways to bring this material into your wardrobe.

Most typically from cows, leather has long come under fire for its unethical production. However, with recent alternatives like vegan leather becoming common for brands, there are arguments about whether the alternative does any less harm. Imitating the real thing, vegan leather uses synthetic or plant-based materials, however most are made with petroleum-based plastics such as PVC and PU. So, the discussions continue over the animal welfare and environmental impacts of both options.

In the best interests all around, opt for vegan alternatives that use plant-based fibres like pineapple leaves or cork leather.

Hero image: Fonda Coat, Kate Sylvester


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