Matariki kai

Matariki, the Māori New Year, is a special time to celebrate and honour the holiday with friends and family, and learn the history and cultural significance behind it.

Falling this year on 28 June, Matariki symbolises a time of remembrance, reflection, and renewal across the country. Deeply rooted in Māori culture, Matariki is a period to uphold traditions and celebrations, honouring our connection to the land, sky, and each other.

Further, it is a commitment to whakapapa. Matariki promotes the concept of whakapapa in celebration of our ancestors, and the importance of family and community.

Food is an overarching feature of the celebration, with traditional Matariki foods providing unique flavours through Māori cuisine, and heritage for all to enjoy. Between the popular food festivals that pop up across cities, to hāngī feasts at local marae, the food of Matariki brings communities together.

Get your friends and family together and feast on hearty, traditional Matariki dishes, with some of the ideas on the following page.

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