Keeping your pets calm: Pet Remedy

Cold rainy days, all cooped up together, can stress our pets. Cats especially, love their own territory and can get distressed.

When owners are off on holidays and pets are removed from familiar routines with the transport, boarding kennels, catteries or house sitters, anxiety levels can soar.

Environmental scents can help anxious, stressed-out pets feel happier. The Pet Remedy essential oil calming formulation contains a highly attractive scent that distracts pets from environmental stress. Pets can detect environmental scent at higher levels than humans, who might only notice a faint earthy aroma, while
pets breathe in a heavenly scent of happiness.

Pet Remedy’s Natural Valerian-based calming formulation is suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, horses and all pets, helping them settle in cars and kennels,
and when separation anxiety or multi-animal households create unease.

Pet remedies:
• Diffusers, used often in Rescue Centers are great for cooped-up, stressed-out kitties.
• Sprays focus areas of smell around bedding.
• Handy wipes are useful for car travel, vet visits, or walks, and attach to cages.
• Bandanas can attach to dog’s collars and are sprayed with the calming scent.

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