Cath Julius

Keeping well in 2019: Q&A with Cath Julius

While many New Year’s resolutions give rise to celebration-worthy accomplishment, staying the course is for most of us, something that requires the total focus of heart and mind. There’s no harm in getting some advice from the experts to make the journey a more palatable one. Metropol gets some hot tips from Cath Julius – Clinical Director at Freedom Health Physiotherapy & Pilates.

Cath Julius


This time of year, many are setting healthy New Year’s Resolutions. How do we make goals that set us up for success?

I think a lot of people make ‘what’ goals that focus on what they want to achieve – run a certain distance, be a certain dress size or weigh a certain number. We are emotional beings so our brain cares about how we feel.

Rather than ‘what do I want to achieve?’ ask yourself ‘how do I want to feel?’ Confident? Strong? Healthy? Use those feelings to guide your decisions.

When you’re faced with a choice between the couch or exercise, remind yourself what you want to feel and decide which action will help you move closer to that feeling.



With so many exercise choices available, how do you know which is best?

The best exercise is the one you enjoy. Our minds are wired to seek pleasure. If you choose an exercise that you detest simply because you’ve been told it is good for you then you are relying on willpower. Choose an exercise your body loves and feels great doing and your brain will naturally seek more of it.



Why do so many people fail to get results from their exercise or diet routines?

Patience. Results take time, but in this world where everything is instant, if we don’t see change quickly we think “this isn’t working” and stop. Remember it’s a long game and consistency and patience win over quick results every time.



What are your key tips for keeping well year round?

Keeping healthy and fit is a long term investment, not a 6 or 12 week programme. No magic pill can replace the common sense things we already know – drink more water, drink less alcohol, move more, sit less, eat more vegetables, eat less takeaways. Start with these basics and you may be surprised how simple being fit and healthy really is.