Pain being a pain: Freedom Health Pilates

Have you ever suffered an injury or pain that felt like it was never going to get better? Do you remember feeling how hard life became? It wasn’t just the pain. it was the energy it took to move, the loss of self-esteem and the sense of sadness that you could no longer do what […]

Looking deeper: Freedom Health

Do you have injuries and niggles that seem to keep recurring? Or a pain that just never seems to get better despite seeing numerous health professionals? Cath Julius, Physiotherapist at Freedom Health Physiotherapy and Pilates, tells Metropol how we need to look beyond the surface for long term solutions.       “This is a […]

Pilates at home: Freedom Health Pilates

Have you heard about reformer Pilates but thought the equipment looked too hard or scary? Worried it may not help your specific injuries? Or just can’t find a class time and location that works for you? Freedom Health Physiotherapy and Pilates owner Cath Julius tells Metropol why reformer is good for everybody – and how […]

Cath Julius

Keeping well in 2019: Q&A with Cath Julius

While many New Year’s resolutions give rise to celebration-worthy accomplishment, staying the course is for most of us, something that requires the total focus of heart and mind. There’s no harm in getting some advice from the experts to make the journey a more palatable one. Metropol gets some hot tips from Cath Julius – […]