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As you age, you might have noticed that your skin isn’t as clear and bright as it was when you were young. Fortunately, there are treatments designed to target these changes and return your skin to its best.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, and the IPL Photofacial can target specific skin concerns or provide a full-face rejuvenation.
“When it comes to ageing, the sun is your skin’s worst enemy,” says appearance medicine practitioner Dr Brigid Lee.

“The IPL Photofacial combats the effects of UV damage in two ways. First IPL penetrates and targets the discoloured cells in the dermis and by removing them it gets rid of dark age spots to restore an even, dewy complexion. It then stimulates regeneration of the collagen that has been destroyed by the sun making the skin appear stronger and more supple.”

She adds that IPL is also one of the best treatments available for visible blood vessel abnormalities that cause redness, like rosacea.
“IPL is unique in its ability to change the structure of skin cells, making them behave more like young cells. A 10-year study at Stanford University in California demonstrated that having two to three photofacials per year for a decade can positively alter the genes of dermal cells. Researchers think that IPL can prevent (and not just treat) many of the superficial signs of ageing.

“The Skin Rejuvenation Clinic now has the latest M22 Stellar IPL from Lumenis so you can experience the very best.”


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