Don’t hedge your fencing

Installing or repairing fences, whether around the home, farm, or business, is an investment.

A good fence has the potential to add considerable value to a property, so finding the right fencing contractor for the job is vitally important.

The Fencing Contractors Association NZ (FCANZ) says that across the country unprecedented levels of fence repairs are currently being undertaken. FCANZ president Phil Cornelius has a few tips to ensure a professional fence every time.

“Look for a professional whose workmanship is based on long-established best industry practices,” he says. “They will have the right tools for the job – investing in machinery, plant, and tools to carry out the work in a timely and efficient manner. Additionally, they will have the expertise and supplier contacts to select the correct materials for the project.”

Many fencing contractors offer a huge diversity of services from rural and farm fencing through to residential, security, civil and roading works. Some even construct retaining walls, viticulture and horticultural structures, orchard developments, and more.

“Engaging a contractor you have used before, or who has done a great job for a colleague can be a good option,” Phil says. “Alternatively, the directory on the FCANZ website provides an excellent list of fencing contractors who work around the country.”

What to look for:
Phil advises people not to be tempted by the cheapest price or who is available immediately to carry out your work, and to book well in advance.
“Skilled fencers are in demand, and the fencing industry is experiencing growth like it hasn’t seen in some time.
“Always look for a fencing contractor who has a proven work record. If you don’t know them, ask to speak with some of their previous customers. Choosing the right fencing contractor for the job, whether rural or residential, should never be just about price.” Phil says. “Many are booked up months ahead, and in the current market fencing supplies, like building supplies, can be hard to come by. Booking in advance will also allow time for the materials to arrive.”

As well as price, here are the top seven things Phil says to look for when considering a fencing contractor:

Experience – a proven work record in the type of fencing required.
References – a willingness to put you in touch with past customers.
Tools of Trade – they have the right tools for the job.
Materials – they choose good quality materials that right for the job.
Availability – there will be a wait for most quality fencing contractors.
Longevity – the business has been around for a few years.
Professionalism – a written quote or estimate is provided.

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