Help for eating disorders

Recovered Living NZ (RLNZ), New Zealand’s first charitable Eating Disorder Treatment Centre in North Canterbury, can now fully cover residential eating disorder services under ACC Sensitive Claims.

Kristie Amadio, Director of RLNZ says this is the first step to making eating disorder treatment more accessible for Kiwis.
Eating disorders affect people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. One in 10 sufferers will die within 10 years.
Clients at Recovered Living receive three individual sessions of therapy per week, two to three group therapy sessions per day, twice weekly individual sessions with the dietitian, and are overseen by a psychiatrist and GP.
The programme includes practical kitchen skills, meal preparation and planning, restaurant outings, and an individualised treatment plan for recovery.

Recovered Living NZ is a residential treatment programme that opened its doors in May to meet the urgent need for specialised, full continuum eating disorder treatment in New Zealand. An estimated 103,000 people in New Zealand struggle with an eating disorder.

To find out more visit the website.

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