Architectural design awards

Canterbury architects led the way in this month’s regional ADNZ Resene Architectural Design Awards, with 24 projects and 16 designers recognised as tops in their field.

129 High St, designer Aaron Jones. IMAGE: Steve Entwisle

The awards are held annually by Architectural Designers New Zealand (ADNZ), celebrating excellence in residential and commercial design.

All winners of regional awards are finalists in the National ADNZ Resene Architectural Design Awards, to be announced on 27 October in Wellington.

This year’s Canterbury winning architects include Aaron Jones, Gareth Ritchie, Bob Burnett and Shizuka Yasui, Garry Mayne, David Chilton, Craig South, Mitchell Coll, Ben Brady, Marcus Stufkens, Ben Comber and Josh Newsome-White, Kelly Rush, Greg Young, Barry Connor, and Belfiore Bologna. Aaron Jones won three awards for his work on three projects, including the regional award Residential Alterations and Additions.

Cafe Olympia, designer Gareth Ritchie. IMAGE: Stephen Goodenough

The latter included the restoration of a historical corner site, prioritising its heritage value and sustainability.


Judges say the restoration showcases a unique blend of historical preservation and modern design in the city centre.


Gareth Ritchie won six awards for three projects, including the Regional Award for New Home up to 150m2 and the Regional Award for Home Interiors.

Other award-winning projects include homes and baches ranging from a modest 134m2 superhome, to a commercial studio, a holiday retreat in Castle Hill, and a sumptuous and expansive house on the shore of Lake Hood.

(Featured image: Adventure Whare, designers Ben Comber & Josh Newsome-White. IMAGE: Stephen Goodenough)

Castle Hill III, designer Aaron Jones. IMAGE Steve Entwisle
Cranmer Sq, designer Kelly Rush. IMAGE: Jamie Armstrong


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