Invest in the best: HotSpring Spas

This just in: a new era of spa pool indulgence.
They’re state of the art, never-seen-before, and exclusive to HotSpring Spas.

Labelled the “epitome of spa indulgence,” the new highlife collection carries exclusive features that combine over 40 years of innovation and technology to exceed all expectations. Business Development Manager Nick Davies called the high-end collection a “game-changer” in the spa market. The range becomes New Zealand’s most energy-efficient, each spa accompanied by vast upgrades including a wireless remote control panel, Full-Foam insulation, 100% no-bypass filtration, and circulation and jet massage systems like never before. Ultimate relaxation isn’t one size fits all, so the collection boasts nine models and six cabinet finishes to suit your style.

All of those options and advancements can feel overwhelming, and a spa is a huge investment. It’s also an investment in our health, body and mind, to meet our best well-being and discover the benefits of soothed tension, released stiffness, better sleep and reduced anxiety. The irony is that people want spa pools to relax and soak the stress away, but stress can arise from choosing the best model. HotSpring Spas offers private test soaks at their Ferry Road and Carmen Road sites, a specialised experience to better understand your spa before you buy. Walk in, or book online with after-hours options available for total privacy. Cosy changing rooms and towels feel just like home, and their consultants can advise any questions to find your best spa pool fit.

If you’re looking for an introduction to the spa scene, or the best spa pool option for your family, HotSpring Spas nationwide ‘Freeflow Fridays’ deal offers a range of quality spa pools at market leading prices. Despite the name, this deal is up for grabs every day of the week.

The company is all about family. Nick adds that with every purchase, they welcome that customer to the family. After years of relaxation in a customer’s original spa, many will return and trade in their old for new. It’s the same values and the same people that will support everyone no matter how long it’s been. Plus, there’s no shortage of parts. A customer owning a 1999 spa pool can walk in and take a new jet right off the shelf, Nick says. With personable and accommodating service, it’s no surprise HotSpring Spas have held on to their number 1 title for over 45 years.

Book your private test soak now, or browse the range online.

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