Beautiful bathrooms to enjoy: Butterfield Bathroom Renovations

Decisions, decisions. There are five well-known steps to making a decision. 1. Identify your goal, 2. Gather the information, 3. Consider the consequences, 4. Make the decision, 5. Evaluate your decision. These simple steps can be applied to practically anything. From what you’re going to wear today, to what you want in a new bathroom. […]

Enjoy a good soak: Reece Plumbing and Bathrooms

The bathroom has been a focal point for famous moments in history. Cleopatra was said to bathe in sour milk, Winston Churchill worked from his bath and Hollywood star Grace Kelly bathed in baked beans for charity. Reece Plumbing and Bathrooms will help you choose the right bath – for water, as baked beans are […]

Dreaming of a great kitchen: Dream Doors

Almost 10 years ago, Adrian Kay started his own Dream Doors Kitchens franchise in 2012. Since then, Adrian and his tightly knit team of skilled tradesmen have earned a sterling reputation for bringing a new lease of life to one of the most lived-in areas of your house. That reputation has earned him and the […]

A sustainable swap

A shift towards a less wasteful home does not need to be difficult. It can be as simple as small swaps of items you use daily. Introducing knitted dishcloths! These soft cotton beauties absolutely meet the mark on a simple, low-waste staple you can welcome into your home. An easy replacement of an otherwise throw-away […]

A little more luxury

A bathroom can be a sanctuary in the home. The place you start and end your days, relaxing in the bath, performing beauty rituals, and winding down. Having a beautiful space makes these moments so much more enjoyable.   Renovating a bathroom is no small task, and a full reno can be expensive and time […]

Design excellence

  Christchurch kitchen designer Davinia Sutton made history at the recent National Kitchen and Bathroom Association (NKBA) Excellence in Design Awards, with her business taking home a record-breaking 13 awards.       Her awards, for seven unique kitchen and bathroom designs, included the prestigious Supreme Kitchen Design Award, the Supreme Bathroom Design Award and […]