Enjoy a good soak: Reece Plumbing and Bathrooms

The bathroom has been a focal point for famous moments in history. Cleopatra was said to bathe in sour milk, Winston Churchill worked from his bath and Hollywood star Grace Kelly bathed in baked beans for charity.

Reece Plumbing and Bathrooms will help you choose the right bath – for water, as baked beans are unlikely to be on your bathing agenda.

Within the two broad categories of freestanding and inset, there are a choice of sizes, materials and models to take into consideration.

A freestanding bath can be an eye catching centrepiece and works best for a bathroom with more floor area. Inset baths are perfect for smaller spaces and for families. It will be used frequently, the surrounding ledge makes access easy for children and easier for parents when bathing them.

For something in between, a back to wall bath delivers on aesthetics. Designed to sit against a wall, they are freestanding and offer the solution for housing a bath in a smaller space.

The experienced team at Reece Plumbing and Bathrooms will help guide you through your next bathroom project. Visit their new bathroom showrooms at 73 Moorhouse Ave, Addington, Christchurch and in Wanaka at 1 Frederick Street.


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