Construction challenges ahead

New Zealand faces challenges in meeting demands for key construction materials for infrastructure, with a risk of delays to major projects.

That is one of the findings of a Te Waihanga Infrastructure Resources Study, published last month. The study looks at four key materials: aggregates such as gravel and stone, timber, concrete, and steel.

Te Waihanga Chief Executive Ross Copland says New Zealand is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, but over time various constraints have emerged which are limiting the supply of these resources creating cost pressures, environmental challenges, and access issues for important infrastructure projects.

“New Zealand has a wealth of physical resources at its fingertips, but this study highlights the need to better manage them to ensure they are available for our critical infrastructure projects. Without ready access when they’re needed, we risk creating an unnecessary handbrake for the construction sector.”

Te Waihanga has included recommendations for ensuring a secure supply of key materials in its recently released draft New Zealand Infrastructure Strategy.

The full study and recommendations can be found on the Te Waihanga’s website.

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