Hands-on joinery: Proceed Building

A beautiful finish on their home is a vision for every prospective new house owner or renovator, and when it comes to the joinery, the stunning finish must combine with ease and enjoyment of use.



Joinery excellence is the hallmark of Proceed Building, where director and qualified joiner Ian Mayer presides over installation, and manufacture if clients request it, of all a home’s joinery.

“With my background as a working joiner before I moved into building and construction, I have the skills to discuss all elements of the project’s joinery with my clients or with the architect, there is no need for any third-party joiner to become involved. It makes for clear and concise communication of ideas and a result that clients are thrilled with.”

The in-house joinery workshop combined with Ian’s 40 years of experience in joinery and building, enables the team to create pieces for everything from character restoration to architectural builds, renovations, and commercial projects.

“Detailed joinery, beautiful finishes and complex structural details are what we excel at. The end product plus our happy clients only increases our appetites for the craft,” says Ian.

For all inquiries on joinery and construction phone Proceed Building at 027 2264 726 or visit the website listed below.


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